ITG has partnered with PenguinData Workforce Management to develop and maintain our industry-leading comprehensive business intelligent tools. These tools differentiate ITG from its peers and support our culture of responsibility and accountability. We measure, track and modify all aspects of our workforce activities to drive contract compliance and efficiency. Key modules that are paramount to our business are:

  • Web-based Mobile Workforce Management

    • Automates the entire invoicing and payroll process. Easily creates and reconcile invoices and supports technician remuneration.

    • Track key employee information, including driver's license expiration dates, insurance coverage, background checks and more.

    • Supports the review of our weekly key performance indicators, including revenue per tech, service level scores, fuel usage, overtime and other efficiencies.

  • Field Service Dispatch

    • Tracks every job to improve service levels. A built-in alert system notifies dispatch when a job is in jeopardy so they can assign resources as appropriate. Integrated with Virtual Whiteboard – which has complete GPS and Google Map integration and allows our dispatchers to see where technicians are at any given moment. Jobs can be routed fluidly from one technician to the next throughout the day to avoid missed timeframes.

    • Streamline operations and reduce truck rolls by routing technicians efficiently from a central location.

    • Supports the remote and seamless closure of jobs thereby increasing technician efficiency and productivity.

  • Fleet Asset Management

    • Assign and track parts, tools and equipment to technicians and vehicles.

    • Assign vehicles to technicians and generate a fleet roster.

    • Maintains the quality of our fleet and equipment by tracking maintenance, mileage and depreciation costs for each vehicle. Exception alerts highlight routine maintenance issues such as oil changes, tire rotations and other scheduled activities, assuring our fleet and equipment meets manufacture’s operating standards.

  • Equipment Inventory Tracking

    • Tracks specific serialized pieces of equipment, including CPE, cable, fittings and more, down to the technician or job level.

    • Transfer equipment between technicians and provides reliable reconciliations to our customer’s records.

    • Receive alerts to inform management of aging, inventory levels and quantities in stock.

    • Technicians fill out parts orders electronically. This module also supports pre-set thresholds for auto-ordering truck stock and supplies.

  • Escalation and Damage Tracking

    • Track the progress of all escalations and damages in one location while assigning a tracking number and urgency level to each to ensure swift resolution. The system even notifies supervisors when action is needed.

    • Uploads relevant data to the system, including pictures of damage for documentation purposes.

  • Quality Control

    • Set a percentage of completed jobs to be randomly sampled.

    • Get instant feedback on the status of any QC job, including access to any uploaded photos.

    • Trend performance issues by monitoring pass/fail ratios and technician averages.


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